Who stole the barrels and where did the liquid radioactive waste go?

Who stole the barrels and where did the liquid radioactive waste go?
Illegal bloggers in the Chornobyl exclusion zone:
«1: OMG radiation is off the scale out there!
2: So what?
3: So we got a gas mask. "

No, we are not joking this is a real dialogue from a video on YouTube 🤦‍♀️ And it is vivid evidence of the level of awareness, concern for their own health and what an example bloggers want to be for their subscribers.

📌 "Like for like"
The author of the homemade X-ray gun and YouTube bloggers who climbed into the "nuclear reactor near Kyiv" came together and spat out another portion of content. Bloggers say they climbed "right into the middle of a nuclear waste repository."

❓ Is it really a repository?
And we will answer at once that no. The building in the video is really close to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and, as we can see, has long been abandoned. It was not intended for radwaste storage, was not and is not part of the radioactive waste management infrastructure at all.

❓ "Who stole the barrels and where did the liquid radioactive waste go?"
☢️ Stealing barrels from where they have never been is extremely difficult. In fact, the liquid radwaste of the Chernobyl NPP is where it should be - in a specially equipped storage facility at the ChNPP industrial site. Since the disposal of radwaste in the liquid state is prohibited in Ukraine, they must be reduced to a solid-state (for example, by cementation). For this purpose, a plant for the processing of liquid radioactive waste and operates a complex for the production of metal barrels and reinforced concrete containers for storage of the radioactive waste. All liquid radwaste enters the liquid radioactive waste processing plant, where they undergo a solidification procedure by cementation. The hardened radioactive waste in the form of a cement compound is actually placed in 200-litre barrels, and they, in turn, are placed in 4 pieces in reinforced concrete containers with a volume of 3 m3. This process, ie operations to prepare radioactive waste for transportation, storage and disposal, is called radwaste conditioning. Containers with air-conditioned radwaste are sent for disposal to the Specially Equipped Surface Storage of Solid Radioactive Waste of the Vector production complex.

❗️ However, the fact that bloggers did not enter the RW repository does not in any way negate the fact that unauthorized, uncontrolled stay in the exclusion zone without observance of security measures is a threat to health and life. In the end, we have an absurd situation: in the pursuit of likes and subscribers, a group of young people risks their health, violates the regime of visiting the exclusion zone, generates fakes and for the sake of the hype feeds the audience, which understands that it is brazenly fooled.

📌 And remember: any risk must be justified. After all, the Chornobyl zone is not a place for walks, and post-Chernobyl disaster contamination still remains dangerous in some places.

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