Map of Prypiat

Map of Prypiat SALE
Map of Prypiat SALE
Map of Prypiat SALE
Map of Prypiat SALE

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  • Amazingly detailed map of Prypiat, DUGA and the town of Chernobyl.
  • Perfect for anybody who wants to learn all the secrets of the ghost town

New edition, waterproof material!

Hundreds of locations within Prypiat, DUGA and Chernobyl - 2

The current map is made on a waterproof floor similar to other editions. There are few changes of the map, comparing with the previous editions, considering the anniversary year of the city of Prypiat, the 50th anniversary of its uprising!

The format is slightly smaller than the current edition, but the more portable so the one does not waste much of time. The smaller format of the device also hides in a raincoat size of the bottom type.

The location of the Lesnoy settlement disappeared from the sixth edition. It disappeared not only from the map because of the massive fires in 2020 but from the real world as well.

New pictograms have appeared, partly representing text descriptions, which have improved the readability of the map, which is already a 5-language version.

Now on the map are the markings of the vending machines and a mosaic of walls, the works of Ivan Litovchenko.

Dangerous buildings are also marked, which should be visited with extreme caution

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    Additional map

    Duga, Chernobyl-2


    English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

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